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General Terms of Business.

Spirit Design Works offers a very hands-on and workman-like service – we certainly do like to ‘go the extra mile’ to ensure a great result. But I guess we all have to work to some kind of guidelines, just so we all know where we all stand. So, here’s a quick summary of our essential requirements.

Amendments, errors, client changes and estimated fees Every effort is made to ensure total accuracy of work at all times, but it is the ultimate responsibility of the client to ensure that all details are checked, approved and are acceptably correct before finalisation and signing-off for publication/print etc. Otherwise, any costs incurred for subsequent correction will have to be borne by the client. 
During the course of the project, any errors created by Spirit Design Works or initial minor amendments will be corrected without charge.
However, if the client makes continual changes to the content, or changes the job requirements, or makes changes which deviate from the original brief and therefore incurs additional work, this will be charged as ‘extras’ at the prevailing hourly rate.

Acknowledgments and Copyright On all creative work, it is customary to include an acknowledgment of the creator, in this case, ‘Spirit Design Works’ - or in the case of published photography, the name of the photographer. This is always done in a discrete manner. Copyright always remains with the creator of the work, and publishing or use of their work must always be sought and agreed. The actual ‘result’ of all works remains the property of Spirit Design Works, until paid for in full by the client.

Privacy Policy
No data is collected or records stored on the www.spiritdesignworks.co.uk website. All prospect lead generation and capture of contact details is conducted in accordance with GDPR laws. Furthermore, any intelligence gathered for existing or prospective customers during the course of commissioned or speculative work is used ONLY for the positive use of furthering that client’s business and is NOT shared with any other third parties.
Full privacy policy doc here.

First project deposit
When accepting a first project for a new client, it is our policy to request a 33% deposit of the estimated project value – this is after having presented and agreed creative suggestions and production estimates. The balance to be paid immediately upon satisfactory completion.

Payment terms for regular clients
Invoices will be issued upon completion of a project, or at month end, and are due for full settlement within 7 working days from invoice date – unless agreed otherwise.

Ongoing project billing
On more lengthy projects, (spanning more than one month) we will conduct ‘monthly billing’ of works carried out. This is in order to maintain a reasonable cash flow for the benefit of both parties. Full settlement within 7 working days from invoice date is required – unless agreed otherwise. Rest assured. quoted amounts are still adhered to, pending any deviation from original brief or unforeseen outcomes as stated above.

Billing queries
Any billing queries must be made within 2 days of receipt of invoice.

Banking details
Electronic payment is our preferred method, and banking details will be provided upon request.
(Cheque payment is also acceptable, and should be made payable to ‘Shaun Forward’ please).

Referees can be supplied if required to confirm quality of service and workmanship as well as ethical practice.

Acceptance of terms Commissioning of any work assumes the client has accepted and will adhere to these general terms.

Thank you.